About Jarhead Progessionals

Jarhead Professionals is an organization for Marines who have served a minimum of one tour of duty with honor and who have achieved professional success in a civilian occupation. Jarhead Professionals allows Marines to network and perform community service in support of various charities that support veterans and their families.

The Jarhead Professionals is an opportunity for Marines (officers and enlisted) that have transitioned into the corporate world to once again surround themselves with the highest quality of individuals. Our organization is unique, forward looking, and founded on 3 concepts:

  1. Camaraderie – The bond amongst Marines, even separated by generations, is instinctive. Spending time among those that you can tell stories, relate experiences, share a drink, and genuinely like with little or no effort is of tremendous value in today's society. Esprit De Corps is what we have earned and deserve to enjoy for the rest of our lives.
  2. Commerce – Jarhead Professionals will naturally serve as a networking/leads organization and be mutually beneficial to all of the members. Whether these benefits present themselves as advice, economic partnerships, leads, friendships, or mentors will depend on the individuals. However, the guiding idea of the group is that you are here to give, not to take.
  3. Community – Only good things come out of serving one's community. The Jarhead Professionals organizes multiple community service activities annually, with each individual member participating in at least half.

Mission Statement

Upon leaving active duty Marines find themselves in a position to make the. Transition to civilian life. Often times Marines find it difficult to make this transition and "fit in".  Jarhead Professionals provide a unique opportunity for Marines, who achieved economic and professional success, to get together and maintain the bonds of the brotherhood of Marines. Additionally, Jarhead Professionals provides an opportunity for networking, establishing business leads, mentoring of Marines transitioning from military to civilian careers.